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homeownnersThere are many risks that a homeowner is exposed to, including water damage from a flood or roof leak; total loss or severe damage loss due to a hurricane or tornado; and damage due to fire or smoke. People buy insurance policies to protect people, their property, and their homes from these unpredictable events. A homeowner insurance claim is a claim filed by a homeowner after the person’s property or home has been damaged or destroyed. The insurance policy gives you the right to claim compensation from the insurance company as per the terms set out in your insurance policy. However, there are instances where you may face challenges in filing your claim.  This is why it is critical that you have a Miami FL insurance attorney assist you with your claim.


BHD, Miami based law firm, dedicates itself to offering the best legal assistant to its clients.  Our firm has 100 years’ experience in representing individuals in insurance disputes.  We provide personalized, hands on service to our clients.  At BHD a lawyer will handle your case not a paralegal or assistant.  Our services are provided without cost to the client as we seek our fees directly from the insurance company.  If you do not make a recovery on your behalf we do not collect a fee.


Filing a claim with an insurance company is quite a complicated and tedious process. There are many ways that an insurance companies try to delay or avoid paying you the amount owed to you.  As a result, it is advisable that you retain a Miami FL insurance attorney to help you speed up the process of filing your claim and getting the necessary compensation.  The Law Office of BHD is the place you need to visit to acquire the best legal services.  BHD Law firm, a Miami FL insurance attorney, is here to protect your rights under your insurance policy. Contact our skilled and experienced attorneys today to begin building your defense.

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