Personal Injury Case Do’s and Don’ts

personal injury case

When you get injured, there are things you can do that can either help or hurt your case. In many instances, there are steps you can take that will help prove someone else was at fault. If you don’t do certain actions, it can make your case seem difficult to believe and make it a challenge to hold the person at fault accountable. Miami FL attorneys can show you how what you do in a personal injury situation has a great impact on your case and getting compensation. At Buchalter Hoffman & Dorchak, our lawyers will guide you through this process as we work to get you the maximum amount you should receive for your injuries.

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Personal Injury Case
If you get injured, certain actions following the injury can increase the strength of your case and your likelihood of holding the other party responsible. These include:

•Calling the police. When you get law enforcement involved, they can make a police report at the time of the incident so that the situation is documented.

•Documenting what happened. It is also important for you to write down the situation in detail, especially what happened before the police arrived.

•Contacting an attorney. Miami FL attorneys can help you navigate the situation from a legal perspective. North Miami personal injury lawyers can also work with the insurance company on your behalf.

It is best to refrain from:

•Speaking to the insurance company without an attorney.

•Signing anything. All documents should be reviewed by a lawyer before agreeing to them.

•Admitting fault. Injured parties can be heavily persuaded to do so in order to take the blame, but you should refuse until it can be proven.

Let the experienced North Miami personal injury lawyers at Buchalter Hoffman & Dorchak help you if you’ve been injured. Contact us for more information.

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