Before A Storm Hits: How to Prepare to File a Claim

When a hurricane or severe storm is heading your way, life can get scary very quickly. Unfortunately, many people find themselves ill-prepared to handle the legal and insurance aspects afterwards, which usually involves filing claims for injuries and damages. Rather than be one of those who is left scrambling for answers once the storm has […]

Should I Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Contrary to popular opinion, there’s actually a great deal of thought that goes into figuring out whether you should hire a personal injury attorney. According to the lawyers at Buchalter Hoffman & Dorchak, it’s important that you ask yourself the questions below before you think about hiring a personal injury attorney.  The first question that […]

The Principles of Personal Injury Law

Americans are at risk from others who drive, work, play or simply behave in a careless manner. An injury or death that results from the negligence of someone else is deserving of compensation from the responsible party. However, it will take proper legal intervention to ensure that a personal injury lawsuit is handled properly. The […]

How Do I Establish A Product Liability Case?

In a typical personal injury case, a victim is required to prove another party’s gross negligence led to their injuries. However, if you are pursuing a product liability case, this is not required. Instead, you only need evidence showing you are injured, and that the product is defective, a process known as strict liability. Once […]

Wrongful Death Laws in FL: How to Begin Your Case

Filing a wrongful death claim is more complicated than you may realize. To begin, not everyone can file a claim, and only specific persons can benefit from a claim. Additionally, it’s a mistake to assume that every accidental death result in a wrongful death lawsuit. There are specific factors that a case must meet in […]

What to Do if You Have Suffered Injuries from a Defective Product

One of the types of injury cases stems from defective products. If you suffered an injury or other damages due to a product you own that turned out to be defective, you have the legal right to file a product liability claim. There are certain facts to understand when proving the legitimacy of your claim. […]

Can an Attorney Help My Denied Insurance Claim Case?

Insurance policies are supposed to protect against liability and cover damages. Sometimes insurance companies deny coverage or otherwise place limitations on what they will cover. When this action is contrary to the terms of the policy, then you may have legal remedies available to hold the insurance company responsible. Our insurance attorneys in North Miami […]

What are Remediation Claims? Can You Be Eligible?

If you have recently suffered damage to your property that is covered by insurance, you need to make a claim. The process of automatically responding to these claims is known as remediation. If you submit a remediation claim after damage to your property occurs, you will usually receive the money directly from your insurance agency. […]

Avoiding Common Car Accident Causes in Florida

Statistics show that most people will be in at least one auto accident in a lifetime, but these collisions occur for various reasons. For some, it’s because of a distracted or speeding driver, and for others, poor road conditions are to blame. Knowing the most common causes of auto accidents can help families avoid these […]

How to Best Protect Your Business Interests

Protecting a business is one of the most important concerns of owners who understand the need for a comprehensive evaluation of what potential problems could arise in daily operation. For brick-and-mortar businesses, that concern normally includes a review of general business insurance protection and making sure all legalities regarding government requirements are met. Many businesses […]

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