Defective Product Injuries & How to Be Compensated

compensation for defective product

If a defective product caused you or a loved one harm, you deserve more than a refund. Defective products account for thousands of injuries each year. In the state of Florida, established Miami FL defective product lawyers Buchalter Hoffman & Dorchak can review your case and counsel you through personal injury proceedings.

Defective Product Types

Most people return to the retailer where they bought an accident, injury or illness-causing item. Victims assume these outlets will accept liability. You can make mistakes like these when you try to handle your case alone.

An attorney clarifies the exact defect or dysfunction, then conducts deeper investigation to identify precise error sources.

Design. The overall product is constructed unsafely and may be a threat to the public.

Manufacturing. The product is constructed and designed safely, however the manufacturing or production process created a harmful anomaly you happened to receive.

Marketing. Labeling, ingredients or branding excludes critical information or misleads.

How You Are Compensated

Once the appropriate party is held accountable, your attorney negotiates the amount they must pay you in losses and damages.

Your injuries may entitle you to lost wages, emergency room costs, medical bills, pain, suffering and more.

It is critical to file your claims within statutes of limitations. Miami FL defective product lawyers will help you file paperwork on time and represent you throughout subsequent proceedings.

Let Attorneys Support You

Your own attorney will not allow your claim to be discredited. You could be accused of improper usage or handling and challenged on your version of events. Experienced litigators at Buchalter Hoffman & Dorchak keep focus off their clients and onto defective products.

Now is not time to blame yourself. Contact proven, trusted Miami FL defective product lawyers to fight your product liability case.

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