Suspect Bad Faith from Insurance? Why You Need a Lawyer

work injury claim denied

You received a great deal on your insurance. You have a policy that meets your needs and gives you assurance. You now want to make a claim owing to an injury. But to your surprise and distress, your insurance company has rejected it. You should not fall into panic or despair. You should instead hire a lawyer who can compel your insurance company to pay what you are owed. 

Personal injury attorneys Miami have the experience and expertise to build a case against bad faith insurance companies. If you have paid the premiums on your insurance policy but your insurance company refuses to recognize your personal injury claim, then they are acting in bad faith and should be dealt with by North Miami Florida attorneys. 

These are the things your insurance company must do when you file a claim: 

Your insurance company is acting in bad faith if: 

You should not allow yourself to be mistreated by your insurance company. You have lived up to your end of the contract by paying your premiums. It is now time for them to do the same by offering you an adequate settlement for your claim. If you are having trouble with your insurer, you should contact the North Miami personal injury lawyers at Buchalter Hoffman and Dorchak. They will investigate the accident, your claim, and the reasons why the insurance company has denied it.

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