Wrongful Death Lawsuits, How Much are they Worth?

wrongful death lawsuit

Every wrongful death lawsuit is unique and different. Therefore, it would be difficult to put a dollar amount on it since so many factors have to be considered such as the number of dependents that are left behind to receive financial support that the deceased used to provide and the laws of the state where the incident occurred.

The Consultation

When you consult with an attorney for the first time, you will be asked to provide information suited to helping one of the Miami FL Liability Attorneys understand your particular situation. The attorney will negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf, depending on the liability, economic impact, future education of dependents, current financial situation at the home of the deceased, expenses left behind, and even funeral expenses. The family deserves the right to be compensated for such an avoidable and tragic loss. Good Miami Florida Injury Attorneys will do their best to make sure that the family recovers the appropriate compensation.

The Criminal Versus Civil Case

In a wrongful death lawsuit, your Miami FL Personal Injury Attorneys may have to deal with both a criminal and civil case. The bar is much higher in a criminal case because the lawyers have to prove that there is reasonable doubt while this is not the case in a civil lawsuit. In fact, you can lose the criminal lawsuit and win the civil lawsuit where you can ask for more in compensation. In a criminal case, the attorney has to prove that the persona acted negligently and recklessly and that there was misconduct. If the defendant is found guilty in the criminal case, it becomes easier for the attorney to establish guilt in the criminal lawsuit.

Consult an Attorney

It can be quite complex for the layperson to understand the specifics of a wrongful death lawsuit, but the competent attorneys that will get your case are trained and experienced to guide you through the legal process. Contact Buchalter Hoffman and Dorchak, if you have a wrongful death case that you want to be filed in a court of law.

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