“Informed Consent” and How it Affects my Medical Malpractice Suit

Medical Malpractice Form

When doctors provide this important information, you as a patient are able to give informed consent.  You have the right to be informed of any risks involved in an upcoming medical procedure.

Miami FL attorneys develop expertise in the nuances of state and local laws. In Florida, for example, a patient cannot give informed consent unless the patient has been notified about what the procedure is, the risks associated with that procedure, and any reasonable alternatives. Except in emergency circumstances where the patient is unconscious and cannot review the risks before a procedure, informed consent is a necessary protection for patients. 

In addition, simply signing a consent form does not mean you have given informed consent to a procedure. If the form is lacking details, or if you were unable to make clear decisions during the time of the signing, this may not amount to full, informed consent. 

The law for informed consent in Florida provides some tricky obstacles when it comes to suing doctors for medical malpractice. Often, juries will side in favor of the doctors, even when the patient has provided significant evidence to support the case. That is why legal representation is important. 

If you have been a victim of medical malpractice, personal injury lawyers can help you navigate the often confusing barriers between you and a successful suit. 

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