How Long do I Have to File a Claim After a Premises Liability Injury?

In cases of premises liability, as with most legal actions, a statute of limitations applies. In Florida, most personal injury actions have a statute of limitations of two to three years. The area of premises liability differs though. North Miami Florida attorneys Buchalter Hoffman and Dorchak want you to understand how this area of personal […]

What is a Negligence Claim?

You take your safety seriously. You are vigilant and watchful in your daily life. You do not take any unnecessary chances. The same cannot be said of everyone. You are bound to encounter careless people in the course of life. But if one of them has, through action or inaction, caused you harm, then you […]

Suspect Bad Faith from Insurance? Why You Need a Lawyer

You received a great deal on your insurance. You have a policy that meets your needs and gives you assurance. You now want to make a claim owing to an injury. But to your surprise and distress, your insurance company has rejected it. You should not fall into panic or despair. You should instead hire […]

What Injuries are Covered by Workers’ Compensation?

Your work is hard and sometimes dangerous. You are careful to follow the rules, regulations, and guidelines that keep yourself and your colleagues safe. However, doing so is no absolute guarantee against accident and injury. If you are injured on the job, then you are eligible for workers’ compensation. If you have been refused workers’ […]

First Steps To Take After Getting Injured At Work

Employers are supposed to make sure that the work environment is safe. However, accidents can still happen. There are many steps you will need to take if you are involved in an accident at work.  Report It  You are required to report any accident to your employer. Your employer will file a report. You need […]

Common Defenses to Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice cases occur often and many times doctors will have certain reasons to pardon themselves from liability for the issue. When medical care is administered in a way that causes harm to an individual or creates a different outcome than was anticipated, the patient has the right to pursue a medical malpractice case against […]

What Is “Insurance Bad Faith”?

Insurance often proves vital to protecting an individual’s health and property. Customers enroll in and often pay handsomely to maintain coverage established by providers offering financial security when such safeguards are needed. That said, occasionally insurance companies attempt to eschew this responsibility. Such circumstances are known as insurance bad faith actions. Buchalter Hoffman and Dorchak, […]

Can I sue my insurance company if my claim was denied?

The main purpose of insurance is to relieve you of the financial strain that comes with illness and injury. If you have been hurt and you submit a claim to cover your medical expenses, it is reasonable for you to expect the insurance company to act in accordance with your policy. Unfortunately, things do not […]

How do I prove fault in a slip-and-fall case?

You are careful about your personal safety. You avoid obvious hazards and do not take unnecessary risks. You expect the owner of any establishment you visit to be as diligent about safety. If you have experienced a slip and fall accident in a restaurant, café, hotel, shopping store, or any other public venue, then you […]

Why a Personal Injury Case Could Take Awhile to Close

Personal injury cases can sometimes take a while to close and reach a final settlement. There are a variety of reasons for this, but ultimately you want to make sure that the settlement you receive is fair and sufficient. The personal injury law firm North Miami of Buchalter Hoffman & Dorchak can provide legal advice […]

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